Saturday, June 17, 2017

Russians love (used to) The New Hampshire Wine Blog!

Куда пропали все русские винные любители? *

Russians love (used to) The New Hampshire Wine Blog! 

Just a few weeks ago I was commenting that for nearly seven (7) years the NHWM blog was receiving thousands of page views from our wine-loving friends in Russia; three weeks ago and all of a sudden, and for the first time in all this time, not a single page view from Russia!
Anyone want to speculate?
In fact, I posted a thank you post to my Russian friends back in 2013:

Русские любители вина

Приветствую моих русских друзей!
Надеюсь, солнце не опустится на твои визиты!


*Where have all the Russian wine lovers gone?


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  1. That's funny. They're probably all too busy with American politics to read blogs anymore.

    1. VG: Ha!
      I was thinking something more sinister!
      To my surprise, there has been 3 page views from Russia in response to this post, first in three weeks! Glasnost lives?